Mission & History

As a physician and a mom, I realize the importance of good nutrition. I'm always reminding my kids to eat their vegetables and avoid junk foods...but when our son was diagnosed with cancer, making sure that he ate a balanced diet became even more challenging. While going through chemotherapy, all he wanted to eat was junk food and it drove us CRAZY!

We thought, "there must be something better out there for our kids to snack on; something that tastes good and is nutritious!"

According to the American Cancer Society, children with cancer who do not get enough protein might break down muscle for the fuel their bodies need. This makes it take longer to recover from illness and can lower resistance to infection. After a child has surgery, chemo, or radiation treatments, he or she may need extra protein to heal tissues and to help prevent infection.


It was challenging to find, so we decided to create it for our family and yours. Plus with every bag you buy, a percentage of our net profits go to help other families in need. So now you can snack "Better" and do "Good" all at the same time.

100% Snack‑isfaction

All our products are backed by a 120-day satisfaction guarantee.


    You’ll never see more than 2, teeny grams of naturally-occurring sugar per serving.

  • HOLY CHIP! There is no added sugar.

    We use naturally-derived sugar substitutes in all our snacks. No cane sugar. No corn syrup. Just the good stuff.

  • Filled with flavor, not carbs

    Every HighKey snack has 4g of net carbs or less per serving, making us a great choice for low-carb lifestyles.

Giving Back

We donate a portion of our proceeds to University Hospitals Angie Fowler Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Center.

This helps families with things that come up, like ‘How are we going to pay for parking every day for three weeks while we’re in the hospital? Or covering the cost for child care for a sibling while parents are with their child for chemotherapy. We donate bags of snacks because we know kids love them, and they need additional nutrition.